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Yitong international home furnishing Co., Ltd. teaches you how to distinguish the quality of LED mirror headlights.

led mirror headlights are lamps installed on the toilet vanity mirror. They can clearly reflect the people in the mirror and make life needs such as makeup, skin care and shaving more convenient and clear. Suning's share price soared without suspense on the second day when it was installed in the bathroom. Led mirror headlights can not only expand the sense of space, but also modify the monotonous layout. What are the buying skills of LED mirror headlights? Let's share it with you. Let's have a look

first, pay attention to the wattage of lamps

led mirror headlights are generally small, including 7W and 10W. 10W is more commonly used, and some innovation capabilities are weak. A few watts of LED mirror headlights shall be selected, depending on the size of the bathroom. The general household lighting needs to change the control situation when it just shows the appearance of submission, which is calculated according to about 0.7w-1w/square meter

second, pay attention to the size of the mirror

if you want to choose an integrated lamp, measure the width of the mirror. There are also some independent bulb styles, and the number of choices should be more

third, pay attention to the style of mirror and bathroom

the shape and style of mirror front lamp are more diversified than that of ordinary LED lamp. There are color and monochrome styles, and there are also many shapes. When purchasing, you should consider whether the style of LED mirror headlights matches with the style of mirrors and bathroom decoration. Led mirror headlights should be integrated with the style of mirrors and bathroom decoration, or simple, or new, or nostalgic, or avant-garde, or rural style, or urban romance. In this way, the overall effect can be reflected through the light and shadow only when colorform technology combines injection molding and reactive process machinery together. Therefore, uni President International suggests that you should pay attention to the overall decoration style of the mirror and bathroom before purchasing the LED mirror headlights

fourth, pay attention to the material and process of the lampshade

the selection of LED mirror front lamp shade is also very important. The brightness of LED lamps is generally high, and the ability of lampshades of different materials to strengthen or weaken light is different. If the lampshade adopts new acrylic plate and high-quality three primary color lamp, the light transmittance can be as high as 75%, the light is brighter, and the color of the illuminated object is closer to the color under natural light, which can illuminate the real effect of makeup. If the lampshade is made of ordinary acrylic, the light transmittance is low and the light color is dim. It is easy to make up with insufficient brightness, resulting in serious distortion of the make-up effect

in addition, compared with the lens shade, the frosted LED lens front lamp shade is relatively less dazzling and the light is relatively soft. Therefore, if you are afraid that it will be dark, uni President International suggests that you can choose the new acrylic plate and mirror lampshade

, pay attention to whether it has waterproof performance

considering the environmental conditions of the place where the LED mirror front lamp is located, the LED mirror front lamp should not be too large, and the waterproof performance must be better. It is better to have anti fog function, which is more convenient and safer to use

sixth, pay attention to the quality of lamps and lanterns

led mirror headlights are a new fashion for bathroom space decoration, but the prices range from tens to hundreds, with great differences. The low-cost led front lamp chip is small and the light fades quickly. Do not fall into the low-cost trap of merchants when purchasing. Uni president international home furnishing also reminds you to choose products that pass 3C certification and ISO9000 quality system certification as much as possible when purchasing, so as to be more secure

in a word, it is not a simple thing to choose a LED mirror front lamp. The first thing is safety, and then it should be integrated with our environment. It is hoped that the above-mentioned arrangement of unified international home furnishings can help you to buy appropriate led mirror headlights and make your home life more colorful

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