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The United States will lose the opportunity to export ethylene glycol

recently, the arbitrage window suddenly closed, making the American ethylene glycol supplier lose the opportunity to export, and its future price will also fall. Market analysts said that with the supply from the Middle East entering the global market and the new production capacity, we would also like to thank the majority of users for their support of 17.80; With the release of our long-term strong support, the volume and price of American glycol export market will fall together

experts predict that compared with the ethylene glycol price in September, the price deviation in October should be small, but with the increase of global ethylene glycol supply, the market in November will tend to be weak. Although it is too early to accurately estimate the average price of ethylene glycol in September, "Zeng an said, it is preliminarily estimated that it should be 5 cents/pound higher than that in August. ICIS, the global chemical market intelligence service, showed that the price of ethylene glycol in the US Gulf in August was 31 ~ 36 cents/pound (FOB), an increase from 28 ~ 32 cents/pound (FOB) in July. The contract price of ethylene glycol in Europe in August was 874 US dollars/ton (northwest Europe). With the increase of operating rate of Yanbu company and the commissioning of new plants in other regions, it will be more difficult to export ethylene glycol in the United States. Yanbu National Petrochemical Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, shipped 5000 tons of ethylene glycol in Saudi Arabia, indicating that the long delayed Middle East supply finally entered the global market. This means that US export opportunities will be terminated. Another supplier in Saudi Arabia is Dongfang Petrochemical Company, whose 700000 T/a ethylene glycol production line in Jubail is expected to enter the market before the first quarter of 2010. "This will pour cold water on the US export market." Recently, due to the supply delay in the Middle East, the amount of ethylene glycol exported from the United States to Europe has picked up. According to the latest official statistics, the United States exported 67539 tons of ethylene glycol in July, 31. ASTM was more than twice that of June. However, in the first seven months of this year, the total export volume of ethylene glycol in the United States decreased by 33% year-on-year to 305723 tons

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