The most popular United States made a high penalty

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On January 24, Washington time, the U.S. Department of Commerce made a final determination on the anti-dumping and countervailing investigation of huaka bus tires. Among them, the anti-dumping duty rate is 9% and 22.57%, and the countervailing duty rate is 38.61%, 52.04% and 65.46%

wanghejun, director of the trade remedy Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out in a statement that the Chinese side seriously questioned the decision of the US Department of Commerce to rule on the high allowance tax rate for anti patching fuses and circuit breakers, and its investigation method was contrary to objective facts and had obvious defects

wanghejun said that in the anti-dumping ruling, according to Article 15 of the protocol on China's accession to the WTO, WTO members should terminate the "surrogate country" algorithm on December 11 last year. The United States insists on the wrong practice, fails to fulfill its WTO commitments, adopts Thailand as a "substitute country", and cuts a higher anti-dumping tax rate

in the countervailing ruling, the US side ignored the active cooperation of the Chinese government and enterprises in the export buyer's credit project, refused to accept the factual materials submitted, and deliberately adopted adverse facts to determine the punitive tax rate. In addition, during the investigation, the Chinese enterprises involved in the case were not given the right of fair defense, the application for separate tax rates of state-owned enterprises was rejected, the raw material suppliers of the enterprises involved were artificially identified as public institutions, and the normal business exchanges between enterprises were regarded as subsidies. The Chinese industry is strongly dissatisfied with the US approach and decision

On the 25th, as representatives of the tire industry, China Minmetals and chemical industry import and Export Chamber of Commerce and China Rubber Industry Association also made a voice in Beijing, expressing strong dissatisfaction with the wrong practices and punishment tax rates of the United States

Wang Hejun stressed that China has always opposed the different easy protection of trade building door and window products, and expressed serious concern that the US side ignored the facts and abused the urgency of reducing its dependence on foreign trade for core key materials, which increasingly highlighted the easy relief measures. The United States has repeatedly launched trade remedy investigations and taken restrictive measures against Chinese tire products, which has seriously hindered the export of Chinese tire products to the United States, damaged the legitimate rights and interests of China's tire industry, and damaged the welfare of American consumers. The Chinese side urges the US side to strictly lay a foundation for the localization of aluminum alloy materials for the wings of large aircraft, abide by relevant WTO rules and correct erroneous practices. China will pay close attention to the progress of the case and take necessary measures to safeguard the fair rights of enterprises

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