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Unified packaging box may become popular in the computer accessories market

[ppzhan Abstract] in recent years, the packaging industry has been developing continuously, and no matter what products need packaging. Now computer accessories are also developing towards this trend. Recently, Seagate hard disk said that it would unify the packaging of its own hard disk and put an end to the phenomenon of one-time charging

not long ago, it was reported that Seagate, a big manufacturer of hard disk, had introduced a new standard for boxed hard disk in the channel, requiring all general agents to unify the outer packaging of products. So, what is the purpose of this sample to improve the fire rating of many parts? What's important is what does it mean for consumers

consumers with DIY installation experience must still remember those years. List a configuration list at the counter of the computer city, and then wait for the merchant to take a motherboard in the East and a cup in the west, and finally save a computer. At that time, all the hard disks were completely bare. It would be nice to have a label on them. Who has seen the outer packaging box

later, accessory products gradually began to be standardized, and important accessories are often packaged independently. Hard disk is no exception. Most of Seagate's hard disk products are packaged. However, if you buy more hard drives, you will find that the packaging of Seagate hard drives of the same model is very different. This has a lot to do with the general agent

first of all, consumers can buy Seagate hard disks from formal channels, even if the packaging is different. The difference of these outer packages is mainly due to the different packages designed by different general agents. It should be said that whether for consumers or manufacturers, this kind of different packaging will bring some problems. Even though it seems convenient for general agents to design their own packaging boxes, there are still some problems

perhaps it was in consideration of these factors that Seagate decided to unify the product packaging. According to Seagate, from now on, when Seagate's major agents and distributors in Chinese Mainland sell desktophdd, laptophdd and laptopsshd series, the hard disks provided to consumers will be provided with formal packaging authorized by Seagate, whether in stores or online sales, The boxed designs of its other product lines will also be launched one after another

this policy is actually a measure that can benefit many parties. First of all, for consumers, as long as they identify a package, they can buy Seagate, eliminating many unnecessary troubles. Secondly, for manufacturers, it also plays a role in standardizing the market and unifying the image. After that, for the general agent, the products with unified outer packaging not only look more formal, but also the clear product information on the packaging box is more conducive to sales. Moreover, the unified brand image displayed on the box is virtually equal to the manufacturer's guarantee of product quality. Why not the general agents. It is said that on the new packaging box, each general agent can still put their own information, including, QR code, etc

in fact, unified outer packaging has more potential benefits. For example, the label of a bare disk can be easily replaced. In the channel, the phenomenon of shoddy goods passing off as good or the repair disk passing off as new products often occurs. In addition to the bad merchants, the non-standard product packaging is also a loophole that can not be ignored. This time Seagate pushed the unified packaging box, which was opened at one time. Once opened, it would not recover, fundamentally eliminating the opportunity of defective products

in the long run, in order to improve the brand image and standardize the market of hardware accessories, building insulation is indispensable for the high-grade unified packaging in the largest consumption field of MDI in the world. I believe that the unified packaging box will become a trend in the computer accessories market in the future. In this regard, the majority of consumers are of course happy to enjoy their success

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