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The champion of UNITA insurance team's Yangwei Lorient port race is at your fingertips

the champion of UNITA insurance team's Yangwei Lorient port race is at your fingertips

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Guide: (Lorient, France, June 30) in today's Volvo round the wld yacht race in Lorient port race, the French UNITA insurance team at home lived up to expectations and took the lead in completing the race in 56 minutes and 12 seconds, After taking six points, the team further consolidated its position at the top of the points list. New Zealand chiefs

(Lorient, France, June 30) in the Lorient harbor race of the Volvo round the wld yacht race held today, the French UNITA insurance team, who fought at home, lived up to expectations, took the lead in completing the race in 56 minutes 12 seconds, and further consolidated the team's position at the top of the points after winning all six points. Kanbu · New Zealand chiefs are only 13 seconds behind, ranking second, and puma ranks third by 1 second to protect the environment. Spain Telecom team successfully surpassed Abu Dhabi team at the last minute of the game and finally ranked fourth; China Hainan Sanya ranked last due to its poor performance

six warships have appeared in the Lorient harbor race

watching the pace · New Zealand chiefs' team manager and Volvo round the world yacht race veteran sailor grant Dalton is sitting in the fleet warship today. Under the thrust of the 11 quarter west wind, watching the pace team first crossed the starting line and took the lead at the beginning of the race. There were seven buoys in the port race. When the sixth buoy was bypassed, the New Zealand chiefs were still in the leading position. Just when people thought that the fleet would win the final victory, the UNITA insurance team led by Franco kamas made a surprise attack. In the last ten minutes of the race, it surpassed the watching team and finally won the title of champion of the port race at home

UNITA insurance team members celebrated the victory

"we did not expect to win the game at the beginning, but according to statistics, the UNITA crew did not make any mistakes in the whole game, so we can seize the opportunity at the last moment. Today's game, so many spectators watched the game at sea and cheered us on. This atmosphere is really great," Franco kamas said in an interview after the game. The short French captain is one of the most famous sailing athletes in France

compared with the excitement of the UNITA team after the unexpected championship, the New Zealand chiefs team is inevitably somewhat depressed. Captain Chris Nicholson said: "I need a little time to calm down. 95% of the time in today's game, we were in the leading position, but at the last moment, the wind direction suddenly changed, which gave UNITA an opportunity to take advantage of and finally let them surpass us."

UNITA insurance team won the championship of Lorient port race

similarly frustrated was Mike Sanderson, the captain of the Chinese Fleet Sanya. The New Zealand captain had set the goal of "standing on the podium in at least one competition" for the fleet at the beginning of this competition, but the competition is drawing to a close, and the opportunities to achieve this goal are becoming less and less. "When we set sail, we were in a good position, but I don't know why we were falling behind. I know I shouldn't say so, but I really feel that this is the most unlucky ship in the world. For example, you dropped a piece of toast on the ground ten times, and ten times you landed on the ground with peanut butter," Captain Mike said regretfully

however, there are still two chances to break Murphy's law. On July 1, the last and shortest stage of this Volvo round the wld yacht race will start from Lorient. The fleet will sail to Galway, Ireland, 550 nautical miles away, where it will compete in the last port race

after the game in the port of Lorient, the total points of each team are as follows: 225 points for UNITA insurance team, 200 points for Puma team, 196 points for Kanbu · New Zealand chiefs team, 194 points for Spain Telecom team, 124 points for Abu Dhabi team and 40 points for Sanya team. At present, UNITA insurance team has an obvious leading edge, which is only one step away from the championship title, while the competition for the second and third place will really enter a white hot stage

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