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Konftel, an expert of unified communication conference, successfully held the ctiforum on November 8 news (Jia'er): on November 6, 2012, weimeidi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the 2012 konftel (kaifutong) product release conference in Jingyi hotel. In addition to the industry media, forums and, more than 140 industry partners were invited to attend, Feel the advanced and convenient konftel UC phone

ucphone is the trend of future applications. This conference not only explained the concept of ucphone, but also showed the application of konftel products to the guests present, reflecting that konftel is the world's first brand of ucphone products

haiper, global sales president of konftel, was invited to the exhibition Mr. Taylor, during the meeting, Harper Mr. Tailai thanked all the guests, introduced some information about konftel, and solemnly announced that WMD (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. has become the only general representative of konftel in China. Konfte and WMD (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. will provide the best service and support to Chinese consumers with the world's most advanced ucphone products

Gu Yan, deputy general manager of WMD (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., shared with the guests the future development of the voice market. The concept of ucphone has ushered us into a new era of voice application. Then, Mr. Cheng Gang, the sales director of weimeidi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and the guests looked forward to the future value of konftel, and introduced the host maintenance of several of its 1. Tensile testing machines: the application concept of the products and a variety of communication methods

konftel has a number of mature ucphone terminals, including the basic k250, the all-round product k300 that embodies the true ucphone concept, the k300m that can be directly inserted into a SIM card to hold a six party conference, the DECT Cordless k300w, and the k300ip that supports IP communication. This conference also showed two K55 and k55w desktop conference terminals that will be launched soon and support Bluetooth, All products use omnisound 2.0 voice clarity technology. This technology is embedded in konftel's entire line of products. No matter which product customers choose, they can experience the high-quality meetings brought about by omnisound 2.0

konftel 300 has brought revolutionary changes to the conference. No conference has ever had such powerful functions Users can complete one key multi-party dialing through the conference wizard. With a modern Nordic design, the konftel 300 can add color to any meeting room. Make it the most fashionable terminal in your meeting room

konftel 300m inspires a new era of mobile office

konftel 300m has brought perfect mobile communication solutions to thousands of companies. Thanks to its flexibility and high stability, the 300m adheres to konftel's high-definition omnisound 2.0 full duplex voice clarity technology. A single konftel 300m can meet the application of a small meeting room of 30 square meters. The microphone can be extended to meet the application of larger venues

the battery supports continuous talk for 30 hours, which makes the 300m even more powerful. Even if the conference runs out of power, the conference can be conducted as usual during the 300m charging process through the mobile interface. In addition, it can record the conference in real time through the SD memory card, and send text messages like. 4. The fatigue tester is a kind of high-tech equipment. It can set up a one button call to multi-party calls through the conference wizard, Or make VoIP calls through the USB interface connected to the computer. Various communication modes can be freely switched through the front panel. It will bring you more convenience than just taking the sensor of S-type experimental machine as an example. It is a brand new office concept

konftel 300ip innovative IP conference

konftel 300ip is a conference terminal that can be flexibly applied to sip protocol, bringing an ideal choice for companies using IP voice services. Konftel300ip is equipped with konftel's unique patented audio processing technology omnosound2.0, which makes the voice experience clearer and more streaming. It is expected to completely subvert the future development of digital sensor technology

sd memory card can facilitate meeting minutes and storage. In addition, you can create your own book and personal user profile through the web interface. Support POE (power over Ethernet) power supply, add extended microphone and wireless earphone, or connect PA system (connect mixer and power amplifier) to large venues

konftel 300ip is a product developed based on SIP. It uses SIP based IPPBX and softswitch platforms for integrated operation. On the premise of having advanced conference functions, konftel 300ip has done everything like call processing, security, service quality and simple management. The settings and contact information of konftel300ip can be managed through the web interface. Konftel300ip can handle 4 SIP connections at the same time. In addition to its own local calls, it can link 5 calls

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