How to refuse the fake security door

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How to refuse "Shanzhai" anti-theft door editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

anti theft door ensures the safety of family members and is an important barrier in the home. In the colorful market, in the face of dazzling anti-theft doors, how can you choose and buy to successfully avoid the emergence of "Shanzhai" anti-theft doors

first, check whether the merchant has the "inspection certificate" issued by the relevant department, and check whether it meets the technical requirements of the national mandatory standard GB17565-1998

secondly, check the internal structure of the door body. There should be several reinforcing bars in the door to organically connect the front and rear panels of the door. In addition, asbestos and other materials with fire prevention, heat preservation and sound insulation functions should be used as fillers in the door

finally, check whether the lock adopts a special anti-theft lock that has been tested and qualified by the public security department

"Shanzhai" anti-theft door is easy to cause accidents and can not be protected, losing the anti-theft and safety functions of the anti-theft door. In this way, the security door will lose its own value

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