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“ The 13th five year plan ” It is proposed in the plan that the provident fund can also be withdrawn for the decoration of the house. After the news was released, many property buyers who paid the provident fund were very excited. When can such a favorable policy be implemented and how to raise it specifically are issues of concern to everyone. Insiders said that all parts of our province had been unable to extract decoration, but some cities have begun to explore the extraction standard

raise the accumulation fund for decoration to solve the urgent needs of the rigid needs

“ The decoration can raise the accumulation fund, which really solves my urgent need& rdquo; On the 20th, seeing the new policy of drawing provident fund, Li Ming, a citizen of the provincial capital, said happily

Li Ming and his object bought a 92 square meter house with a provident fund loan, with a total price of 1million yuan, a down payment of 400000 yuan and a loan of 600000 yuan& ldquo; The balance of our provident fund accounts is 120000 yuan. According to the current policy, we can only withdraw more than 20000 yuan a year to repay the loan, and we can't withdraw the balance at one time& rdquo; Li Ming said that what he bought was an existing house, with floors, walls and ceilings &hellip& hellip; The cost of decoration was 60000 or 70000 yuan. In order to buy a house, they spent all their savings on hand, and then decorated, feeling “ The pressure is huge &rdquo& ldquo; Seeing that there are more than 100000 yuan in the provident fund account, I can't mention it. I'm really anxious& rdquo;

Li Ming's ideas speak out the aspirations of young home buyers in our province& ldquo; Decoration is also a very important part of the purchase demand. Whether it is a second-hand house or a newly-built blank house, decoration is a must before moving in& rdquo; An insider who has long studied the provident fund policy in our province said that, especially for the first-time home buyers, it is a great advantage for them that the decoration can also withdraw the provident fund, which also supports the demand of citizens for home ownership

it is difficult to determine the decoration amount of mobile construction teams without invoices

according to the current national regulations on the administration of housing provident fund, there is no decoration in the extraction conditions of provident fund, and there is no policy for the extraction of provident fund for decoration in all parts of our province

the above insiders said that in January this year, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development drafted the "Regulations on the administration of housing provident fund (Revised Draft for approval)" to solicit public opinions, relaxing the extraction conditions of the provident fund, including the provision that decoration can extract the provident fund& ldquo; After the news was released, some cities in our province began to find out the needs in this regard and explore the extraction& rdquo; The source said that from the feedback of various cities, the biggest obstacle is to grasp the decoration standards and the resulting fraud

judging from the current housing decoration, there are roughly two ways for citizens to choose, that is, to find a decoration company or find a construction team by themselves. Regular decoration companies can issue formal invoices, but some mobile construction teams are difficult to issue invoices. Therefore, it is not ruled out that some people will forge decoration invoices to obtain accumulation funds. For example, someone actually spent 30000 yuan to decorate a house, but forged a bill of 70000 yuan. How to plug similar loopholes

the insiders said that decoration is different from buying houses and loans. The latter two businesses have strict and accurate extraction basis such as real estate certificate, house purchase contract and loan contract. The decoration situation is different. The decoration market is even more mixed, and the relevant bills or contracts are difficult to be objective and true

in addition, the decoration requirements of each family are different. For the same 100 square meter house, some families spend 50000 to install it, while others spend 200000. If the standard is set according to the decoration cost, it is difficult to unify, and there is a hidden danger of fraud

the determination of the extraction standard must consider the utilization rate of the provident fund

according to the relevant requirements, the provident fund policy is localized management. After the housing and Construction Department of our province puts forward major guidance, each city must formulate detailed rules according to its own situation

“ According to the domestic cities that have implemented the decoration provident fund, a maximum withdrawal amount can be set& rdquo; The above people suggested that the actual cost of the decoration project is difficult to grasp and obtain evidence, and the standard can be formulated based on the area of the purchased house. Each city combines the local economic development level, housing price level, decoration level and other comprehensive factors to formulate the average level of local decoration, and then comprehensively calculate the amount that can be raised according to the building area of the house

for example, the average decoration standard of a city is 800 yuan per square meter, and the housing area is 100 square meters. Multiplying the average standard by the housing area, it is estimated that the amount of provident fund that can be withdrawn for the decoration of this set of housing is 80000 yuan& ldquo; Even if the decoration cost 200000, the ceiling is 80000& rdquo;

“ The area of the house has such a clear basis as the house property certificate or the house purchase contract, and the average decoration standard also has a basis. Such a standard is relatively reasonable& rdquo; The source said that when formulating standards, each city should also make a comprehensive budget in combination with the utilization rate of local provident funds. After adding new withdrawal conditions, it should not affect the normal withdrawal of citizens' house purchases and loans

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