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Nowadays, people have regarded indoor air quality as a top priority in home decoration. As everyone knows, another kind of pollution &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Light pollution ” Also quietly &hellip& hellip;

human eyes can adapt to light radiation within a certain range due to pupil regulation, but when light radiation increases to a certain amount, it will have adverse effects on the environment and human health, which is called “ Light pollution ”. So, what are the “ Light pollution ” Is the situation noteworthy

medical guidance/Nie Jing and Zhang Jinliang (Professor)

(from popular medicine)

disordered lights weaken the eyesight of infants and young children

problem 1:

the decoration is too bright

in order to make the room look more “ Magnificent ” And make up for the lack of lighting to a certain extent. Some families prefer to decorate with high-color tiles, and even install multiple mirrors and whitewashed walls indoors. What is unreasonable about this

expert comments: generally, the light reflection coefficient of the roof and wall should be less than 60%, and the ground should be 15% - 35%. Too bright decorative surface will make the reflection coefficient as high as 90%, which is beyond the bearing range of the human body. Exposure to such an environment with strong reflection and lack of color may damage the cornea and iris, resulting in visual fatigue or decreased vision, and increase the incidence of cataract incidence rate. At the same time, it will disturb the normal physiological rhythm and induce neurasthenia and insomnia

problem 2:

colorful lights

when choosing lamps and light sources, many families often ignore the reasonable lighting needs in order to pursue romance and luxury, and design the lights into colorful, sometimes looking messy. Does it affect your health

expert comments: messy lights not only harm vision, but also interfere with the function of the central nervous system of the brain. People living under excessive and uncoordinated light radiation for a long time may suffer from dizziness, dizziness, insomnia, depression and other symptoms, and even elevated blood pressure, palpitations, fever and so on& ldquo; Light pollution ” It has a greater impact on infants, which not only weakens vision, but also affects vision development

how to improve the indoor visual environment

“ Light pollution ” It should not be underestimated. What can be done to avoid its adverse effects on health

1. Functional requirements and color matching shall be considered for lighting

different lighting methods should be selected according to different spaces, occasions and objects during decoration. For example, the light in the bedroom is warm, the study and kitchen are required to be bright and practical, and the bathroom is as warm and soft as possible. Generally, in indoor lighting, the main light source should be in cold color, and the auxiliary light source should be in warm color. In addition, from the purpose of the room, cold light sources should be used in the study, living room, kitchen, etc., while warm light sources should be used in the bedroom, bathroom, balcony, etc

2. Keep the light source stable and prevent direct light from entering the eyes

the stable light source avoids the phenomenon of alternating light and shade or flickering, which can protect vision and improve work and learning efficiency. The lighting direction and intensity should also be paid attention to, otherwise strong light will be directly into the eyes, which will have adverse effects. You can use “ Secondary lighting ” The method is to hit the light on the ceiling and reflect it, which not only does not damage the eyes, but also adds a romantic atmosphere

3. Appropriate lamps can reduce “ Light pollution ” Impact

the illumination brightness and “ Light pollution ” The impact will be different. Soft incandescent lamp, mirror incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp “ Light pollution ” The impact is small, and such light sources can be used more in the room. For local lighting, desk lamps with good shading shall be used to block more infrared radiation contained in such light sources

4. Choose tiles and coatings correctly

when decorating the home, it is recommended to choose ceramic tiles with small reflection coefficient. Because white and metallic tiles reflect strongly, they are not suitable for large-scale applications. Study and children's room consider using floor instead of floor tiles. If a bright polished brick is installed, turn on the light and turn “ Light pollution ” Minimize

the application of paint is also exquisite. Because light colored paint has little effect on vision, in European countries, especially Germany, people have gradually used beige, light yellow and other paint instead of dazzling white paint to paint walls to weaken the high brightness reflected light

5. Plants improve the environment

planting flowers and plants in the living room and introducing the fresh colors of nature into the room can not only adjust the indoor light environment, but also make people feel comfortable

others in daily life “ Pollution ” Phenomenon

● when bathing, continue to use “ Yuba ” And other auxiliary equipment may cause dizziness, insomnia, inattention, loss of appetite and other symptoms. This is because the dazzling light stimulates the central nervous system of the brain

● the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings in the city becomes a huge reflector under the scorching sun. If in busy traffic areas, the strong reflection of buildings will hinder the normal driving of drivers

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