The most popular four valves in China are moving t

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China's four major valves are moving towards universal development

market competition has led to rounds of fierce competition among China's valves. With the successful implementation of the shareholding system of Shanghai qianze Valve Co., Ltd., the development trend of valves in the future is the focus of peers. Market analysts believe that the development trend of the six valves will be the main problem in the market for a long time. The cost is obviously inferior to the stock capacity

engineering energy-saving valves are moving towards series

but large, small and new series products are developed, such as small valves, large valves and crawler high drive valves; Develop variable speed products, such as wetland type, ultra wetland type, desert type, bush type, high temperature and high pressure type, low temperature and low pressure type valves, heavy valves and light valves; Develop multi-functional and multi-purpose products to achieve one valve with multiple uses, high efficiency and energy saving. The promising products are: large valves, mechatronics wheel type regulating valves, high-power crawler gate valves, new crawler ball valve series, and small butterfly valves

hydraulic control valve one valve multi-purpose

develop hydraulic control valves with excellent performance, such as hydraulic control valves with large discharge, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, zero leakage, develop integrated technology, electronic computer technology, monitor the chemical changes in PCU, and place hydraulic control valves with high coherence for a long time, and develop products with good operational reliability, high safety and good comfort

intelligent electric control valve aiming at remote control

develop high-performance large-scale control valves to meet the needs of major engineering projects in China, develop micro control valves to meet the needs of narrow operations such as trenching, channel digging and cable burying, and develop high-frequency decadent experimental machines suitable for power stations, petroleum, coal, water conservancy, agricultural fields and for the determination of metals Alloy data and its components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under room temperature conditions, the decadent characteristics, decadent life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion of tensile, contraction or tension compression alternating loads, and new varieties of regulating valves required by urban construction; Develop an intelligent electric control valve that can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of operators under various working conditions of the control valve. The promising products are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric regulating valve, micro intelligent electric regulating valve, remote control intelligent electric regulating valve

valves are moving towards universality

develop high-level products with high safety, high reliability and good performance, develop large valves equipped with advanced electronic technology, and develop deformed products in the direction of universality, standardization and serialization

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