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Look at these four points. This kind of low-temperature oxidation phenomenon is called pest phenomenon in academic circles. Enough. Artificial intelligence gives electrical appliances the ability to "upgrade and fight strange things"

how great is the so-called artificial intelligence? The "wisdom" endowed by artificial intelligence will certainly replace some pure human labor. Make parents and children exchange with each other

in other words, in the near future, you will come here to read the article, which may realize the maximization of the characteristics of the automobile transmission system and drive using special high molecular materials, which is written by the machine,

and I, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I am laid off! ヾ (~ (u0152  ̄) bye~bye~

to get down to business, the article you read today shows that the quality of air in the car has become the focus of social attention, and the topic we want to talk about is the convenience of artificial intelligence for home appliances

maybe one day, I sneeze and the fresh air fan will start by itself, which is the magic of artificial intelligence to electrical appliances

①, faster response

②, richer content

there are very few smart appliances and health appliances we see now. Although there are many concepts and products, there are only a few categories. In the 5g era, including the breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology and the in-depth integration of the home appliance industry, we will see more diversified and diverse applications of smart appliances and health appliances in the coming years

③, the mode is more intelligent

④, and the experience is more intuitive

now many home appliances are called smart home appliances, but they are not intelligent. Now they only stay in analog computing, simple automation or automation applications combined with networks

an intelligent home appliance should have independent exception handling function, independent time judgment and learning function, which is called intelligence

the sweeping robot will automatically avoid tables and chairs, not artificial intelligence.

the fresh air is automatically adjusted according to the temperature and humidity of the environment, and the technical difficulty is not high. But, there are few companies that can realize it now. Talk about artificial intelligence

the fresh air fan should be smart enough to actively collect family data to meet the needs of consumers. For example, record the sleeping time, the oxygen content in the air when sleeping, and how to ensure the comfort of sleeping. How to balance indoor oxygen supply while purifying haze in winter

now, our demand for artificial intelligence is very simple, and we look forward to the early integration of artificial intelligence and home appliances

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