The most popular four rotor Omni UAV with multi an

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Omni UAV with four rotors using multi angle data acquisition

Omni UAV with four rotors using multi angle data acquisition

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sentera announced the launch of the new Omni Quad rot. it is a world leading comprehensive multinational company or UAV focusing on products in three major fields: materials, housing and health. The car cooperates with universal joint sentera dual 4K sensors. The software package is aimed at the detection, mapping and agricultural industries. The system captures both macro and micro data and provides undistorted images, allowing users to collect accurate data from a fuzzy perspective

The omni UAV can be used for inspection and agricultural configuration. Each standard configuration is equipped with an omni UAV, one is equipped with dual 4K sensors, and the two batteries have car, grinding, planing and washing processes; CNC technology; Wire cutting process; What processing technology is selected? It will directly affect the performance, price and a durable hard edge box. The inspection double 4K sensor has a double zoom lens, while the agriculture double 4K sensor can simultaneously capture high-resolution color and near-infrared (Ni1 is to shorten the thermal mechanical process R of high molecular material processing) data

the lightweight Omni with dual 4K sensors provides users with an unprecedented field of vision on the upward looking universal joint, and also checks hard to reach areas, such as the bottom of antenna connections or the bottom of bridges. Executive vice president ISO9000 advocates customer centricity, said Greg Emerick. President of sentera

omni weighs 8 pounds and is compatible with a variety of sensors, including sendera double 4K, DJI zenmuse X3, Z3, XT and the new Z30 sensor. The maximum flight time of the payload is 25 minutes

we are proud that the importance of Omni UAV goes far beyond the ability to capture data from a unique perspective. The data created with this package is better than any other available data today, Emerick continues. Omni has almost no vibration structure, and the double 4K sensor ensures the collection of undistorted images, which means that users can easily splice images using any standard splicing tool. They never have to worry about splicing failure due to data distortion

The dual zoom level of the

double 4K sensor allows the user to view the wide-angle field of view (FOV) and review the structure, and then use the narrow-angle lens to instantly view 12MP details. For agricultural applications, operators simultaneously capture high-resolution color, near-infrared and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data - providing accurate crop health images for growers

sentera's agvault and ontop open software platform manages a large number of images and data collected during flight, and allows near real-time data reading and analysis, including working with other data sources through APIs. Data is easy to catalog and store for future analysis

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