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The national four products have been recognized by users in the market segments, and the sales volume of Yuchai trucks may rise to a new level

with the full implementation of the national four emission standard for trucks, as the first domestic enterprise to launch the national four engine products, Yuchai has made full preparations for this crucial upgrading war. As the national emission standard for trucks is about to be implemented in the research and development of special metal materials by China Steel Research Institute, Yuchai, as the first domestic enterprise to launch the national emission standard for trucks, has made full preparations for this crucial upgrading war. Moreover, during the early launch of the fourth national product, Yuchai engine has won good user recognition in various truck segments due to its excellent performance and high reliability

Yuchai should be prepared for the upgrading of the national four emission of trucks

as early as 2002, the first national four engine in China was born in Yuchai. Therefore, Yuchai has already made preparations for the full implementation of the national four emission of trucks. As far as heavy trucks are concerned, we have the 6-series engines of the fourth national standard, including 6K, 6mk, 6L, 6a, 6J and other models; On medium and light trucks, our 4-series engines (4e/4eg, 4D, 4S, 4fA and other models) also have obvious advantages. A Yuchai power R & D personnel said

when it comes to the national four power of heavy trucks, the above-mentioned R & D personnel said that they are particularly optimistic about Yuchai 6K and 6mk series engines. Yc6k is the first overhead camshaft four valve heavy-duty engine in China that meets the national four emission standard, and can be upgraded to the euro six emission standard at the highest. In addition to fully meeting the emission requirements of the fourth national standard, B10 has a service life of 1.6 million km, and the average failure mileage has also been increased to 100000 km; At the same time, up to 10 hope that the upstream material enterprises can supply 00n stably The output power of m makes it not only meet the use requirements of high-speed and efficient logistics tractors, but also an excellent power for heavy-duty engineering vehicles such as cement mixing that "best reflect their military management ideas"

yc6l engine, another major model of the national four power heavy truck, is an excellent power for standard road transport vehicles. Its displacement is 8.4l, and its power covers PS. under the current national four conditions, its characteristics of high efficiency, fuel saving, low noise and environmental protection are particularly suitable for the use requirements of 62 lightweight tractors, 84 standard load trucks and 64 standard load tractors. The researcher added that step 1: the force signal can be calibrated by either standard dynamometer or electric calibration

Yuchai also has a series of main models in terms of the national four power of medium and light trucks. For example, our 4E engine, based on the yc6112-4112 of Ford, is specially developed for medium and light road transport vehicles and engineering vehicles by means of stroke reduction and cylinder contraction. Compared with similar models of other brands, it has the advantages of high power performance, good fuel economy and long service life. It is the preferred power for high-speed, heavy-duty, large and light trucks. Yuchai marketing department said

with obvious advantages in early launch, Yuchai has made great efforts in each market segment

under the forward-looking strategic guidance, Yuchai has already completed the layout of national four products at all power ends, covering medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks, tractors and models in all market segments. More importantly, through the previous market launch, we found that Yuchai Guosi power is more reliable than competitive products, with more obvious fuel saving/solar term effect and good comprehensive use benefit. Therefore, users highly recognize our engine

in the field of natural gas power, as of July this year, the sales of Yuchai natural gas truck engines had exceeded 4000, with a year-on-year increase of more than 100%; As the gas power performance is better than that of competitive products, the sales volume of yc6mkn has increased by 130% year-on-year, and more than 1000 units have been sold in Xinjiang and other places; The heavy truck equipped with 6K natural gas engine also won the fuel saving Champion Award in the 6th China International truck fuel saving competition

in addition, in the first half of this year, with the launch of 84 light-weight and heavy-duty dump truck market, the share of highway light-weight dump trucks equipped with Yuchai 6L engine increased rapidly, changing the situation that competitive products occupy the market for a long time; Meanwhile, the dump truck equipped with Yuchai 6m engine is gradually recognized

this year, Yuchai Guosi power has risen rapidly in the truck market: Fujian Shenghui logistics has ordered more than 100 Liuqi trucks equipped with YC4E, and Yuchai yc6l engine has also successfully entered Shenghui logistics; Liuqi 84 truck, which uses Yuchai 6L engine in Zhangpu County, continues to seize the market of other power brands. The above-mentioned person in charge of the marketing department said that yuchaiguo four products also won a large order of 60 YC6M dump trucks in the field of port engineering, and there were still 60 intention orders in the follow-up; The fuel saving activities jointly carried out with logistics companies have also effectively improved the recognition of Yuchai power in the field of road vehicles

with the gradual improvement of Yuchai's reputation in each truck segment market, the relevant person in charge of Yuchai's marketing department concluded that the company is full of confidence in the upcoming national four emission upgrading of trucks. He believes that Yuchai, which has always been committed to providing users with high-quality and efficient truck power, will surely reach a new level in the new round of emission upgrading

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