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Four types of coating products will lead the market in the next five years

four types of coating products will lead the market in the next five years

October 20, 2014

[China coating information] different coating products will have different trends in the next five years, We will analyze the development status of these coatings:

the market share of water-based coatings in China will reach 20%

although the current domestic water-based coatings can not be equated with "low carbon", with consumers' understanding of their own health, as well as the impact of external climate, consumption habits and other factors, the market share of water-based coatings in Japan, Europe and the United States has exceeded 60% due to their environmental protection, In China, the proportion is obviously low. Insiders said that in the next five years, the market share of water-based coatings in China may reach 20%

powder coating or "dark horse" in the field of industrial coating.

powder coating is a new solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. It is solvent-free, pollution-free, recyclable, environmentally friendly, energy and resource saving, labor intensity reduction and high mechanical strength of coating film. According to the root, the film-forming material can be divided into two types: thermoplastic type and thermosetting type. The appearance of the film-forming material can be divided into extinction type, high gloss type, art type and so on

it is understood that before the financial crisis, China's powder coatings maintained a high-speed growth of 20%. After the financial crisis in the second half of 2008, due to the slowdown in industrial growth, the decline in exports and other factors, China's demand for powder coatings began to decline. In the second half of 2009, the powder coating industry was able to recover its growth under the influence of the national proactive market rescue policy. According to the data, the output of powder coatings in 2009 was 800000 tons, accounting for 11% of the total output

in the next five years, with the increase in the use of powder coatings for surface coating treatment in the automotive interior and parts industries, the application proportion of powder coatings in the automotive manufacturing industry will increase significantly. In addition, with the increase in the requirements for powder coatings in the shipbuilding industry, pipeline industry, thermal materials and other fields, powder coatings will become a powerful "dark horse" in the industrial coatings

art coatings are favored by the market and respected by the new generation

with the pursuit of personalization The "rise" of the new generation of the post-80s generation is fashionable. The wallpaper industry, unwilling to decline, has regrouped under the banner of variety, fashion and individuality The wallpaper products on the market now have more functions such as fire protection, environmental protection, ventilation and comfort. The emergence of these features has not only increased the market share, but also formed a beach grab offensive for the coating market.

it is known that in recent years, in order to break the "ever-changing" problem of the paper wall industry, the sample fracture in the industry has always been broken on both sides. Wood grain paint, imitation stone paint, relief paint Texture paint, wallpaper paint and other art coating products have been widely used in the decoration industry because of their lifelike effects, dust-proof, waterproof, flame-proof, washable, friction resistant, long-lasting color and other characteristics

functional coatings may become the hot spot of the new generation of consumer demand

when it comes to functional coatings, you may have a lot of ideas, such as whether it is automotive coatings, architectural coatings, etc. today, let's talk about the types and characteristics of functional coatings that you understand, and also call for the birth of this product

after entering the coating industry, there are several subdivisions of coating products that let us remember deeply. These products not only break the homogenization of coating products, but also integrate the consumer's consumption concept and demand, and position the products directly and clearly, that is, the functional coating products of this market segment, such as children's paint, pregnant women's paint, wedding room paint, etc. This kind of coating product of hydraulic 4-ball testing machine, which is positioned according to a certain segment of the market, although the demand side shows that the corresponding experimental results seem to have become smaller, in fact, it directly guides consumers to buy from the function, and also virtually promotes the sales of biomedical ophthalmic materials

in the next five years, we hope to see that this kind of paint product dominated by market segments can be distributed in every demand field, comparing old-age paint, baby paint, etc. It is believed that in the future market where the new generation is gradually growing up, this kind of coating may become the hot spot of consumer demand

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