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In recent days, the reporter visited and investigated the home decoration market in this city, and found that in addition to some consumers' initiative to overspend, many home decoration companies have low price entry, fuzzy quotation and other ways, which have caused citizens to be overspended from time to time. In the process of new house decoration, almost all owners are ambiguous about the budget overrun of decoration. ◆ phenomenon: Decoration overspending is very common. It is overspending on small things that I didn't expect. For example, windows should be equipped with aluminum alloy, socket panels should be purchased separately, and there are some bathroom supplies. Decoration companies sometimes ask you to change better materials and add additional money. On September 14, Mr. Wang, who was preparing to get married and decorate the house, told reporters. Mr. Wang began to decorate a second-hand house with an area of more than 70 square meters since mid July. He chose all inclusive. The decoration company quoted 70000 yuan, including all the labor costs of main materials and auxiliary materials. Last weekend, the decoration of his home was about to be completed, and the decoration company told him that it had been overspent. After careful calculation, he found that the total decoration expenditure reached nearly 90000 yuan, 20000 yuan more than the budget. Mr. Wang said: more than 70 square meters of all inclusive decoration, the original budget was 70000 yuan, but before half of the decoration, the company said it had spent 60000 yuan. It was found that there was an overspending of more than 20000 yuan. I don't know how it was so much. I tried to keep the cost as low as possible from the beginning, but I still overspent unconsciously. Although we also considered the problem of cost overrun at the beginning and discussed the decoration quotation with friends with decoration experience, such a high overrun is incomprehensible. The reporter found that decoration overspending is a common phenomenon in our city. The original decoration budget of Mr. Li, the owner, was 100000 yuan, but in the end, he actually overspent by 50000 or 60000 yuan. The reporter learned that some decorators temporarily changed the original plan and actively overspent in order to achieve a more ideal effect during the decoration process. The other is that the home decoration company attracts consumers at a lower price, and then increases its weight layer by layer in the construction, and finally the owner is forced to overspend. ◆ investigation: there is something fishy about the decoration contract. As long as the decoration is basically overspent, it is just a more or less overspent problem. It is normal that the decoration contract of 100000 yuan will eventually exceed 20000 or 30000 yuan. Manager Chen, the person in charge of a decoration supervision company in our city, admitted to reporters that cost overruns are common in decoration, and it is more common for the actual cost of decoration to be higher than the contract price, and the main reason for the price rise is to increase decoration projects halfway. Some consumers got several different budget quotations after consulting different home decoration companies, but they still don't know how much they will spend in the end. Yesterday, the reporter contacted two decoration companies on the grounds of decorating the new house. After learning about the situation, the other party claimed that it would sign a decoration agreement with customers. However, when the reporter asked whether the decoration cost was implemented in accordance with the contract from beginning to end, the other party said that it could not be guaranteed. According to Mr. Yao, an insider, small enterprises must have problems in this regard. Generally, the decoration will exceed twoorthree percent, and the higher the contract price, the more likely it is to exceed. The reason for the direct budget overrun lies in the misleading quotation provided by some decoration companies, such as vague quotation, repeated quotation, intentional omission, itemized quotation, unclear details, etc. Mr. Yao said: some construction teams deliberately did not inform consumers of necessary items such as waterproofing in advance, nor did they mark them in the contract budget, but added them successively during the construction process. In addition, in the construction project, the charge for each individual construction will be raised. Some irregular decoration teams will deliberately underestimate the construction area when helping the owner make the budget, but finally settle with the actual area. ◆ the implementation of the new regulations or will regulate the decoration market in our city. The reporter learned that the first "home industry business service specification" issued by the Ministry of Commerce has been officially implemented since September 1. According to the new regulations, the decoration company shall not fail to report or understate the project items and quantities when issuing the budget quotation of the project contract. The decoration company shall bear the corresponding responsibility in case of missing report of engineering projects. In case of underreporting of project quantities, if the underreporting amount exceeds 8% of the contract amount, the excess part shall be borne by the decoration company (except for the items that the customer actively requires to be increased). Manager Chen said that with the implementation of the new regulations, at present, most decoration companies in our city have begun to make corresponding adjustments to the decoration price increase in the contract. Generally, the bottom limit of the difference between the contract price and the final accounting price will be clearly indicated in the contract. This new regulation can curb the disorderly price increases of some small companies and decoration teams, and become a powerful weapon to regulate the business services of the industry and safeguard the interests of home decoration enterprises and consumers





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