How to identify the quality problems of aluminum f

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How to identify the quality problems of aluminum fence

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

in the decoration of modern villas, more and more aluminum fences are used, so there is such a problem, how to distinguish which quality is better from so many aluminum fences in the market

first of all, it depends on whether the material of the aluminum fence itself is very lubricated, whether there are bumps on the appearance of the goods, whether the paint spraying is smooth, and whether the role of color painting is deployment. These are just questions about the appearance. There are also questions about whether the goods are naturally shaped and circulated, whether the patterns are symmetrical on the left and right, whether the polishing is smooth, and whether good aluminum goods can't hurt the pipes when polishing, The other is welding. The high-level aluminum products can't see the welding point on the front of the goods. In general, the high-level aluminum products give people a very noble and comfortable feeling. The planning and production of the goods are full of a aura, straight in the song, straight in the song! Cast iron guardrails or cast steel guardrails are fenced goods. These goods are fixed and shaped with a mold. Most of these goods are rough in appearance, straightforward and rough in lines, and the whole products are bulky. The price of these goods is not high, simple and easy to rust

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