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Colored steel glazed tiles are named building colored steel profiled tiles, which are specially used in ancient pavilions and ancient buildings to replace clumsy and fragile porcelain fired glazed tiles. Colored steel profiled tiles are easy to install, save time, and can be customized in color, beautiful in appearance and bright in color

colored steel glazed tiles are made by pressing horizontal colored steel plates through colored steel forming equipment. Among them, color steel plates can be divided into many kinds, but according to the general category, they can be divided into roof panel materials and wall panel materials. Colored steel glazed tiles are generally used as roof plates and laid on the roof built of steel structure, which not only ensures the beauty of the building, but also extends the service life of the building. The following editor will introduce the installation steps of colored steel glazed tiles and the characteristics of colored steel glazed tiles

installation steps of colored steel glazed tiles

1. First of all, the construction setting out procedure should be carried out. Professional equipment should be used to hang the control line used in the whole project. After the completion of this procedure, the relevant check and inspection must be carried out by a specially assigned person to ensure that it is correct. If errors are found, adjust them in time, and try not to cut less

2. Roof treatment is important for the installation procedure of colored steel glazed tiles. Before carrying out the roof covering tile, the parts to be cleaned must be thoroughly cleaned. Only in this way can the colored steel glazed tiles be installed firmly and smoothly

3. In the construction stage of the bonding layer, this section must be operated by professionals to avoid large related errors

4. The construction of ridge tiles and related parts, no matter which procedure is used for the installation of colored steel glazed tiles, requires the care of professionals. During the construction of roof ridge tiles, remember to connect the main tiles well with the roof ridge tiles. Only in this way can the invasion of rainwater be avoided

5. After the installation of colored steel glazed tiles on the whole roof is completed, it is necessary to send special personnel to clean the surface of each tile. Because the colored steel glazed tiles are different from those of ordinary talents, we suggest using cotton yarn to clean them, which is more conducive to maintaining the brightness and color of colored steel glazed tiles

characteristics of colored steel glazed tiles

1. The appearance is exquisite. It not only has the simple and moist taste of traditional bricks and tiles, but also looks elegant and unique

2. Light weight and good hardness. The weight is generally 1/10 of the weight of Weiwei ordinary bricks and tiles, but it is stronger than ordinary bricks and tiles and can withstand greater pressure

3. It has strong wind resistance, heat resistance, sound absorption and water resistance. In the wind and the sun, it can still remain the same, will not be easily blown away, and will not seep into the house, but also can withstand part of the heat in the hot summer. It will also resist some noisy sounds from the outside and keep the room quiet

4. Corrosion resistance. 55% of the base plate materials of colored steel glazed tiles are galvanized aluminum, so they can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals in the rain for a long time

5. Convenient installation, energy saving and environmental protection. It works better than ordinary tiles, greatly shortening the construction time and reducing the construction cost. Because this tile does not contain play materials, it can also be recycled and used to save resources in the later demolition

specification of colored steel glazed tile

antique glazed tile is a kind of profiled plate made of colored coated steel plate, which is rolled and cold bent into various wave shapes. It is suitable for the roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure houses, etc. it has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, arson, rain proof, long service life, maintenance free, etc, It has been widely used

specification: 1) thickness: 0.3-0.7mm2)

width: 914-1250mm3)

color: various Raul colors

common models are as follows: jzyx37-206-825jzyx28-207-828jzyx28-200-800jzyx28-200-1000

editor's summary: the installation steps and characteristics of colored steel glazed tiles are introduced here, and I hope to help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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