Four Feng Shui taboos in bathroom decoration

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Decoration Feng Shui is also a concern of many people. Once you accidentally violate Feng Shui taboos, you may incur unexpected risks, so pay more attention to the decoration of the bathroom! You can't go into the bathroom to decorate Feng Shui taboos. When decorating the bathroom, many people will also pay special attention to Feng Shui. How can the bathroom be decorated with Feng Shui? Follow Xiaobian to find out

pay attention to Feng Shui in bathroom 1: pay attention to the location of bathroom

the best location of bathroom and toilet is the East and southeast of the center of your home. Water supports the five elements of wood energy in the East and Southeast, as long as there are enough windows, and this is often the sunny part of the house, which helps to keep the room dry. The most unfavorable location is the northeast of your home, which should be avoided if possible. Other locations are unfavorable. However, in many families, the location of the bathroom is fixed. If it is found that the location of the bathroom is poor, it can only be resolved with items to mitigate the negative impact

bathroom feng shui pays attention to two: there are taboos in the design of the bathroom door

the door of the bathroom should not be against any door of the residence, especially against the entrance door of the residence. The entrance door is the air port and the place where the anger is inhaled. The anger should flow gently in the house. In Feng Shui, doors should not be opposed to each other, so the doors should be arranged in a staggered manner. In terms of environmental protection and psychology, it is also indecent to see the door of the bathroom as soon as one enters the house, and there are sounds and peculiar smells coming out, which are neither elegant nor polite, and have an impact on the health of the family, which is detrimental to the mental outlook of the family

bathroom feng shui pays attention to three: no windows is a big taboo

assuming there is enough space, the bathroom must be bigger than smaller, so as to avoid harmful airflow condensing indoors and stagnating. The bathroom of some residences is completely closed without windows. As long as the exhaust fan is not often opened, it will be harmful to health in the long run. The bathroom space with windows can place green plants or hang pictures, which can ease the atmosphere and gather vitality on Feng Shui

bathroom feng shui pays attention to four: the lighting should not be too much and the joints should not be exposed

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 the lighting of the bathroom on the next page. Generally, incandescent lamps should be selected for the overall lighting, and the soft brightness is appropriate. However, an independent lighting lamp must be set beside the vanity mirror as a supplement to the local lighting. Fluorescent lamps can be selected for the local lighting in front of the mirror to increase the feeling of warmth, spaciousness and freshness. In the selection of lamps and lanterns in the bathroom, glass or plastic sealed lamps and lanterns with reliable waterproof and safety should be the main ones. In the shape of lighting, it is not suitable to decorate with complex lamp types, let alone too low, so as to avoid accidents

the bathroom is humid, so be careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches should preferably be used with safety protection functions, and connectors and sockets should not be exposed. If the switch is a seesaw type, it should be set outside the bathroom. Otherwise, a moisture-proof and waterproof panel should be used to prevent accidents caused by moisture and electric leakage

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modern people's life is becoming more and more comfortable and comfortable, so many people will plant some small potted plants at home. These small potted plants can not only cultivate a person's sentiment, but also decorate the house and purify the air. But most people don't understand that the placement of small potted plants in the living room will also have a great impact on the feng shui of the living room. So where is the best place to put it in the living room

1. Where the light is sufficient

no matter what the plant is, it needs the moisture and maintenance of sunlight. A pot of plants can grow vigorously and flourish, which will bring a lot of vitality to the family and make people feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, placing small potted plants in a sunny place in the living room is conducive to the healthy growth of plants, and also means that people can live and work healthily

2. Near the toilet

in a room, the most filthy and dirty place is the toilet. Damp toilets are easy to breed bacteria, which not only brings unhealthy life to people, but also brings a lot of bad luck. If you put a small pot of plants near the toilet in the living room, it will be of great help. Plants have the function of purification. Whether it's bad luck or bad luck, plants can always bring people a clean and pollution-free feeling

3. Oriental living room

in the five elements theory, all directions in the living room represent different attributes. If placed in the wrong place, it will have a mutually exclusive relationship, which is not conducive to the fate of the owner of the house. The Oriental is a kind of wood. If a small pot plant is placed in the east direction, it will help to increase the woodiness of the house and the luck of the owner. It can help you in life and work

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