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In today's high housing prices, second-hand houses are favored by more and more owners, so the decoration of second-hand houses has also become a major topic in the decoration industry. In fact, the decoration of second-hand houses requires more attention than that of new houses. Therefore, we must do our homework before decoration. Then we should now know what decoration precautions are in the process of changing the appearance of old houses on the Wuhan Decoration Forum

1. Find a suitable decoration company

because many second-hand houses are old-fashioned apartments, old houses and small houses, great changes have been made during redecoration, including water and wire renovation, wall renovation, ceiling treatment, floor renovation, door and window renovation and other basic projects, which are relatively time-consuming and labor-intensive, and are prone to various problems that affect the construction. However, when decorating a new house, these problems generally do not appear, and the decoration is less difficult. Therefore, the decoration of second-hand houses is more professional and demanding. When you choose a decoration company again, you must do your homework and make more comparisons

reminder: when looking for a decoration company, you must "see is believing", mobilize your friends, relatives and friends around you to ask more questions and investigate more. Go to the construction site to check the construction quality. It's best to find the owner of the decoration to know the "real person" of the company in detail

2. Demolition and cleaning

because the decoration of second-hand houses is generally secondary decoration, the first job is to carry out demolition and cleaning, These include "Demolish old doors and windows, shovel off the original wall surface, knock off the original tiles and floors, etc.. The time required for this part of the work varies according to the different areas and workload of different homes. Taking a 60 square meter house as an example, it usually takes about 5-6 days.

reminder: for the matter of changing windows, it should be mentioned that generally speaking, the installation of windows is only completed before painting the wall, wrapping the gap and pasting wall tiles. But from setting the windows to door-to-door installation It usually takes a few days, so you can start in advance

3. Water and electricity transformation

after the demolition work is completed, the next is the focus of second-hand house decoration - water and electricity transformation. As the wires originally used in the old house are not only aging, but also the capacitance may not be suitable for the current needs of household appliances, and the same is true of water pipes, so basically water and electricity should be re laid. This part of the work will take about 2-5 days, depending on the size of the change, but this time you can choose tiles

reminder: you must think clearly in advance when doing hydropower transformation, otherwise it will be very troublesome to change it again! And during the construction, you should also pay attention to the following points:

⑴ if the house is relatively new and the main strong current lines used are not a big problem, you can not lay them all again. You can let the decoration company measure them on site to avoid waste

⑵ weak current, mainly telephone lines, network lines, cable TV lines, audio and video lines, etc. when laying, it is necessary to think about the function and placement position of furniture and electrical appliances in advance, and do a good job in drawing design and construction according to the drawing on the premise of convenient use and beauty

⑶ to change the water, first lay the water pipes, then do the pressure test of the water pipes, and then bury the water pipes and wires

⑷ after all the water and electricity are changed, the floors of the kitchen and toilet, the walls of the shower area and the floors of the kitchen are generally treated with waterproof treatment, and then the closed water experiment is carried out

4. Laying of wall and floor tiles

after the water and electricity are completed and accepted, the laying of wall and floor tiles can be carried out. Generally, the wall tiles of bathroom, kitchen or balcony are laid first, and then the floor tiles. This is because laying the floor tiles first and then the wall tiles may cause damage to the wall tiles, and the cleaning work is also very troublesome

reminder: if the floor is installed at home, you must wait until the wall is painted and paved

5. Wall treatment

after the tiles are paved, the walls of bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms can be treated, including leveling, repairing cracks, puttying, etc., and then latex paint can be applied. At the same time, you can also measure the cabinet and the top

reminder: the reason why the cabinet measurement is carried out at this time is that the size of the main ceramic tiles is relatively accurate after they are pasted. If measured in advance, it is necessary to estimate the size of the pasted ceramic tiles. At the same time, it should be noted that the general cabinet needs to wait about 10 days





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