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In a city with an inch of land and an inch of money, space has become the most expensive thing. How to use the limited space incisively and vividly requires a certain amount of skill

in a city with an inch of land and an inch of money, space has become the most expensive thing

how to use the limited space incisively and vividly

requires a certain skill

a young man in Shanghai used the magic of design to stuff the functions of living, office and leisure into four containers with a total area of 72 square meters. Let the area number no longer be linked to the price

in fact, living in containers has not been a new thing in recent years. The concept of big changes in small spaces is the tireless pursuit of designers

foreign container coffee houses

Seoul container culture and entertainment Street

containers have evolved into a trend culture,

in real life, we can't do as we like, but the design concept: structural deformation is a good way for us to learn from in home decoration design

open is the storage rack, which can be put aside when not in use

hiding the bed is already the basic skill of deformation. If a large piece of furniture like the bed has the invisible function, it can really release a lot of space ~ the designer of the Dandan family closely followed the pace of fashion and played hide and seek with everyone ~

the invisible bed in the study, usually reading books, when there are guests, it is a wonderful trick to be a guest room, a room for both purposes

the hidden desk is usually the tea table next to the sofa, which is gently pulled into a desk with the right height

Yadan deformation tea table, physical photography

speaking of deformation, how can there be less hot tatami, which is more contrary to the sky than the hidden bed. You can sleep, sit, do homework, read books, store things, and eat. With the wisdom of designers, Dandan thinks that it can also have the function of an automatic mahjong machine. I hope you can consider ~ ~

a hidden workbench is also set up in the kitchen, but in addition to office, This can also be used to place ingredients when cooking. After all, small houses are small everywhere. You must be good at using them. Only you can't think of it, you can't do it

we have said many times before that the cloakroom is not an extravagant hope of a small house type. Even if it's only 1 ㎡, you can have your own cloakroom. Give you the most reasonable structural suggestions according to your habit of getting up every day. It also reduces space waste

according to the owner's dressing habits, the cloakroom creates a smooth dressing route from left to right

underwear - Pants - tops - accessories, you can complete daily matching by turning around in the cloakroom

a corner of the bedroom windowsill is raised on the ground, together with two bookcases, forming a good place for drinking tea and reading. You can spend a lazy day in your room

looking at the deformable home, I feel that the appearance of the home is different every day. Don't care what others say. Your home should be as comfortable as you want, and live as you want




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