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Now we have higher and higher requirements for the home environment. When decorating, we should not only consider the beauty, but also give consideration to practicality. It is also very important to humanize the beauty at the same time. For example, the design of toilets used to be unified standards, but now they embody more humanism and humanity. In the past, the height of the washbasin in the bathroom was unified, but now it is different. Children also need a comfortable experience. How comfortable is it when using the washbasin? The height of wash basins for adults and children is different

in life, we also think more about children and listen more to their voices than ever before. Take the living room for example. When we use the bathroom, the sizes of the furniture inside are no longer only considering the feelings of adults. Children also need a comfortable use experience. How comfortable is it when using the wash basin? Now there are children's wash basins. Are they of various sizes in height? According to people's habits, how to distinguish the height of adult wash basins and children's wash basins? Now come with me to understand

common size of wash basin

the size of wash basin is almost difficult to find two different models of washbasin with exactly the same size, so that many users do not pay attention to the size of washbasin at all when purchasing washbasin, and the size is almost large. Although this is OK, it can not achieve the best effect, and there are some uncoordinated factors that affect the decorative effect of the whole bathroom

at present, the commonly used sizes of wash basins are: 585-times; 390mm、600× 460mm、700× 460mm、750× 460mm、800× 460mm、900× 460mm、1000× 460mm、600× 405× 155mm、410× 310× 140mm and other sizes. In addition, there are many commonly used sizes of washbasins. Because washbasins are private bathroom and sanitary ware supplies, in order to try to meet the needs of every user, manufacturers have to quit many washbasins of different sizes, and finally this situation occurred

note on the size of the basin:

1. Space determines the form. The washbasin is roughly divided into two types: freestanding and desktop. The independent style has beautiful appearance, small floor area and easy maintenance, which is suitable for toilets with small space. However, it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or washstand to facilitate the use of the space above the pool to place some toiletries and cosmetics. The desk basin should occupy at least one small desk. It can put washing utensils on the table and sundries in the cabinet below. If the bathroom area is not large, you can consider installing a triangular basin in the corner, and a triangular sundry rack can be hung above the pool to store washing supplies

2. Depth is proportional to intensity. Splashing water on the body is probably the most uncomfortable point for consumers. According to the Convention, the depth of the basin is directly proportional to the intensity of the water flow of the faucet installed on it, that is, a faucet with strong water flow can only be installed in a deep pool. Never install a large faucet on a shallow pool at the bottom, which will splash people when using water. The bottom of the pool should have enough radian, not flat, otherwise the water will accumulate in it

3. Height. Whether it is a stand-alone basin or a table basin, the height of the pool surface or table top from the ground should be 80~85 cm, because a too short pool will cause low back pain

4. Finish. The side of the basin must be slightly higher than the table top, but the joint with the table top must be smooth, so that the water splashed on the table top can be wiped back into the pool without hindrance, and at the same time, it is convenient for the cleaning of the table top. The table itself must be made of smooth materials, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid collision. The smoothness of the basin itself is also very important. The pool surface with high smoothness makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of times that need to be scrubbed

height of wash basin

although the height of wash basin is not very noticeable, it is a problem that cannot be ignored. If the installation of wash basin is too high, it is inconvenient to use, and if it is too low, it is easy to make people stand back pain, and it will splash. In particular, users must pay attention to the height of the washbasin when hanging the wall washbasin. In general, the owner has no special requirements for the height of the washbasin, so the height of the pool surface or table top from the ground should be kept between 80 - 85 cm during installation

due to the height of some users, the conventional height of the wash basin is not suitable for them, so they need to make appropriate adjustments to the height of the wash basin. In this case, what is the height of the wash basin in the bathroom? Just pay attention to one principle: it is more appropriate to keep the height of the washbasin in the toilet at about half of the user's height, which is also very comfortable for users

height of household children's wash basin

this is a household children's wash basin. We see this children's wash basin is a column basin, which is composed of columns and basins. This kind of children's wash basin usually saves space and is suitable for small toilets. It can also be placed next to the adult wash basin for children at home. Its appearance is very cute, and children will have a happy mood when using it. How high is this children's wash basin? According to ergonomics, the height of children's wash basin should be 0.5— 0.55M, which is a relatively standard size, but now there are customized wash basins on the market, and we can also customize the size and style according to the specific situation of each family

height of children's wash basins in public areas

let's take a look at the height of children's wash basins in public areas. This is a wash basin in public toilets, which belongs to the under stage basin. Social progress is reflected in humanistic care. In social life, we are more willing to pay attention to children's feelings than ever before. We also consider providing a convenient environment for children when using public toilets. What is the height of children's wash basin in public toilets? The height of children's wash basin under the stage in public areas is 0.6m

height of children's wash basin in kindergarten

this is a children's wash basin used in the bathroom in kindergarten. This children's wash basin belongs to the basin on the stage. Its round shape is as cute as a child's face, and its white glaze reminds children to be clean and hygienic at any time. This kind of basin on the stage requires that the table under the basin should not be too high. If it is too high, it is easy to cause the whole wash basin to be too high and make it difficult for children to use. So what is the height of this children's wash basin? Generally speaking, according to the principle of ergonomics, the total height of the table top and the basin on the table is o.6m, not too much or too low, so that children can use it more conveniently

height of children's wash basins in the park

now there are many places in the park that provide convenience for people. People sometimes need to wash their hands, especially when children are crazy and tired, and their hands are dirty, which can better reflect the convenience of the wash hands in the park. This outdoor children's wash basin belongs to the basin on the stage. The surface glaze treatment is very smooth, and the pattern is very cute. How high is this children's wash basin? Generally speaking, the height of children's wash basins in the park is 0.5— 0.55m。

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