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Since the decoration, problems have occurred little by little and solved little by little in communication. Now I will write some personal experiences to share with you

since the decoration, problems have occurred little by little, and they have been solved little by little in communication. Now I will write some personal experiences to share with you

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1. The owner's self purchase quotation in the decoration budget is easy to be lower than the actual price, because the budget reduces the brand or grade in order to meet the owner's need to control costs. Remind the spectators that they need to consult according to actual needs, and then check with the budget, otherwise overspending is inevitable

2. The construction company will carry out the construction according to the budget plan, and try to be considerate when deciding. Otherwise, when adding projects, the workers will not sell the accounts of the foreman, and the labor unit price will not be as cheap as the budget. It is said that this is an unwritten rule, and the cost of additional work will be high

3. The process is not as tight as I thought. After the project construction starts, there is no hurry except that the water pipes, wires and tiles need to be fixed. The construction party will not do one job after another. Generally, various types of work take turns, so waiting will inevitably occur before you are scheduled. Therefore, ceiling and bathroom, as well as the overall kitchen and floor, can be operated calmly, When ordering the whole kitchen, you can measure the cabinet door at home

4. Furniture can be proofed first, because it determines the overall decoration style. It is basically no problem to make a decision one month in advance

5. Personally, I don't think group buying is the cheapest, but it provides a good purchase platform, which avoids the tedious selection and saves time. People who have time can walk around more. For example, if they have no time to go to the home and special activities of the group, they can also order in the online building materials mall. Those who buy brands will be a little relieved

6. In case of any problem, it is necessary to communicate with the individuals of the construction project in time. After all, they have done more and experience is very important. When there is a problem, do not rush to investigate the responsibility, but first solve the problem as soon as possible





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